Faction Mana 4

PRE-view... aka kitchen review... I haven't skied it yet, but here are the initial observations/measurements:

The sidecut is true to internet images, minimal tip or tail tapering.

The rocker is deep, starting subtle, and progressively curved toward the twin tips with only a modest amount of tip and tail splay. Very similar profile to my 2021 CT3.0's.

The flex is does not seem overly stiff to me. Well, it is definitely stiff, but the linear profile over its length combined with the long rocker makes it relatively un-intimidating. Here is how I would compare it to some of the other skis I own/owned:

5 points on that scale is what I consider... not average necessarily, but a middle-ground of flex. Lots of good and popular skis would rate <5 I think. And some might go >10. Just felt the need to explain that scale a bit ha.

Fingers crossed the Mana4 is the exact amalgamation of a Nocta and CT3.0 

It was disappointing to weigh it at 150g above advertised, but should I be surprised? Ha, no. I'm over that now. I'll be mounting them next week with Zed bindings at -7cm from center. I'll try to circle back here later once I've had some time on it. The Nocta (w Zeds at -6cm) is currently my main touring ski so it will be exciting to compare them directly.